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Assessment involves the systematic gathering, analyzing, and interpreting of evidence to guide strategies for improvement and measure success. At UNO the gathering and analyzing of data is aided by two units; the Office of Institutional Research and Data Management (IRDM) and the Data Management Group. Ultimately, assessment must “close the loop” by using the resulting information to document improvement and to guide future planning. Future planning for Departments involves the University Planning Committee.

Assessment at the University of New Orleans is a vital component of the ongoing process of improving student learning. At UNO that process is one of Plan – Implement – Assess or PIA. The PIA process for an academic unit is represented pictorially in the Academic Department PIA.

Implementation and Planning

The Department develops an IE Plan. The Plan contains measurable objectives. The Department strives to meet each objective through a series of strategies which form the IE Implementation. Those strategies which involve additional funding can be addressed via several sources. If implementation of the strategy would directly benefit students and involves technology, then the Department may choose to submit a proposal to the Student Technology Fee Committee (STF) which reports to the Strategic Planning and Implementation Group (STPIG). Recommendations on funding are decided by the Provost and reported to the University Planning Committee (UPCOM). In addition, the Department may seek internal funding in support of the implementation. Typically such requests are included in the Academic Excellence Plan (AEP) of the Department. The AEP may also include any requests for external funding. The Department AEP is forwarded to the Dean who may choose to include the request in the College AEP which is sent to UPCOM. Once a year UPCOM meets to make recommendations on funding of the various College AEPs. These recommendations are sent to the Executive Committee which makes recommendations to the Budget Committee and, finally, the Provost and Chancellor who make the ultimate decision.


The Dean’s decision on Departmental AEPs is heavily influenced by the IE Assessment of the Departmental IE Plan. The IE Assessment is included in the packet of information sent to the Academic Program Review Council. This packet also includes any departmental self study, information gathered for accrediting agencies, department specific information in the ACT Student Opinion Survey and any general education assessments for gened courses offered by the Department. Results of the Academic Review are reported to the Dean and the Provost.

A similar PIA process as depicted in the College PIA. Assessment of the Dean includes the assessment of the College IE Plan, information gathered for accrediting agencies, the results of academic review of departments in the college, college specific information in the ACT Student Opinion Survey and the results from the University-wide review of the Dean.

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